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Henan Aryan Special Ceramics Co., Ltd. under Aryan Henan Henan million Road Group, located in the hinterland of Central China - Zhengzhou, Henan Province Xingyang. Covers an area of 26,146 square meters, total building area of 16,380 square meters; annual output 90,000 sets  of new high-performance ceramic mechanical seals and sealing rings.
   Pressure sintered silicon carbide an advanced inorganic non-metallic materials, and collection of light weight, strength, hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and other excellent features is assaulted in one of its products are widely used in aerospace, nuclear industry , the oil industry, chemical industry, textile industry, food industry and the military equipment industry. The main products include magnetic rotating pump seal bearing components, mechanical seal rings, nozzles, bullet-proof board, with broad space for development and market prospects. According to the current level of production technology, market conditions and trends, the project to be completed within two years, annual high-quality silicon products pressureless sintering silicified> 80,000 kg, annual output value of 500 million yuan of Asia's premier pressure sintering silicide silicon manufacturing enterprises. Early in the domestic market and Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other markets as the main objective, to lower raw material costs, resource adequacy (Henan province is the production of silicon carbide materials) and other natural advantages of participation in domestic and overseas markets. Gradually improved and alternative domestic industry on the product's import demand situation.

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